Basic IPv6 RIPng config commands


Setup unicast routing on all routers: ipv6 unicast-routing

If desired no dns lookups: no ip domain-lookup

Configure all interfaces with the necessary ipv6 addresses: ipv6 address X:X:X:X::/128 (example)

If not allowed to use any global unicast ipv6 address, then simply enable ipv6 on the interface to generate the link-local ipv6 address : ipv6 enable

Next you setup an ipv6 NAME : ipv6 router rip CISCOIPV6

Exit out of the config-rtr mode and then activate RIPng on all interfaces: ipv6 rip CISCOIPV6 enable .. This command is used instead of the network command n RIP, advertising the network on the interfaces and sending out RIP packets out the configured interfaces

Check config with : show ipv6 route

Ping all ipv6 adds to ensure conectivity is established

You can also ping the link-local ipv6 addresses but you need to specify their output interfaces:


show ipv6 interface brief – will show brief overview of ips or ipv6 addresses, including link-local, configured on interfaces