Notes on Feasibility Condition in EIGRP

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While going back over my notes I saw that I had provided minimal information about Administrative Distance, Feasible Distance, and Feasibility Condition.  So here is a post to clarify a couple of items about this, particularly the Feasibility Condition.

As a reminder:

Advertised Distance: this is also called the Reported Distance, and this is important to know!  The concept of the AD/RD is that this is the metric as seen by the neighbor router (the router advertising the EIGRP route to you).  The Advertised Distance being sent to you is basically the neighbor routers Feasible Distance.  With each “hop” this number should goes up.  Your router will calculate a Feasible Distance, and then advertise that downstream as the Advertised Distance (or Reported Distance).  This concept is key in understanding how metrics are calculated.  Each router has to determine the cost on its own.  It uses information it knows…

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