Notes on EIGRP Fundamentals

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This post will delve in to the fundamentals of EIGRP for CCNP ROUTE studies.

There are 2 types of routing protocols:

1. Link State
2. Distance Vector

EIGRP is considered a hybrid protocol.  It has characteristics of both link state and distance vector.  It behaves like a distance vector protocol because it exchanges the entire routing table with neighbors initially.  Beyond that, it behaves much more like a link state protocol (only changed routes are sent after a topology change).  It is also Cisco proprietary, which is a problem for inter-operability.

EIGRP relies on multicasting (hello packets) to and uses RTP (reliable transport protocol) to handle the transport of messages between routers.

EIGRP supports multiple routed protocols: IP, IPX, and AppleTalk

Some basic rules when configuring EIGRP

  1. An autonomous system number is used, and only routers with the same ASN will exchange routes (become neighbors).
  2. IOS enables only EIGRP on interfaces…

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