Force10 S4810 – Stacking Vs. VLT

Force10 VLT Implementation

Hasan Mansur


Cisco offers three solutions for eliminating STP. These comprise the stacking feature on 3750/2950 models, VSS on 6500s, and vPC on Nexus 5k/7k platforms. An important point to remember in comparison of these three methods is that in vPC, the control planes of the peer switches are separate, unlike Stacking/VSS where all switches are maintained by a single control plane.

Force10 Switches offer two solutions of this nature, which are discussed below.

  • Force10 switches, specifically S4810, offer a feature known as VLT (Virtual Link Trunking). VLT Is a Dual Active Control Plane implementation, of a Multi-System LAG. Thus, in operation, it is very similar to Cisco vPC.
  • VLT is beneficial in environments where the downstream devices like access switches need to build port channels/Link Aggregation groups across two separate upstream switches. The downstream switches view the VLT peers as a single logical chassis, thus allowing the LAG group to…

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