CCIE notes for EIGRP

Cisco Tips & Tricks

At last i have made up my mind to sit for ccie R&S written by early August. I am starting a tips & tricks section for dynamic routing protocols. I will start with EIGRP and then gradually move towards OSPF & BGP.

EIGRP uses DUAL ( Diffused update algorithm). Now what is DUAL? This fancy name is being used by cisco as a kind of marketing tool. Cisco calls EIGRP as a hybrid protocol. It has features of both distance vector & link state protocol. EIGRP topology table will always keep a feasible successor. Feasible successor is nothing but a backup route.

Lets say we have two links. One is 56k & other is a T1 link. Now EIGRP topology table will contain t1 as a primary route and 56k link as a feasible route. The difference between EIGRP and other dynamic routing protocols is that due to the…

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